maac-team Over the weekend, our members had a lot going on. Team “Jacked in the Box” consisting of Courtney S., Beth S., Jimmy V., and Mike F., competed in the Mid Atlantic Affiliate Challenge in Laurel. To no one’s surprise, they did awesome! The competition was 2 days – day 1 had 3 WODs and an additional “floater” WOD, and Day 2 finished up with 2 more WODs and a second “floater”. The workouts ranged from a Clean and Jerk ladder, to an AMRAP of pistols, snatches, toes to bar, and box jumps (all while a partner held a stone), to each member completing 3 rounds of heavy deadlifts and wallballs. After all was said and done, they came in 32nd out of 55 teams. When you see them around the gym, make sure you let them know how proud we all are of them!

go-ruck-group We also had a group of members who participated in the GORUCK challenge in D.C. on Saturday. The team was made up of Jeethu E., Alex N., BJ S., Lorena S., Ed S., Yanina K., Drew M., Lindsay W., Ryan C., and Sara O. plus 13 others who showed up from all over to complete this team event. The challenge started at 1:00a.m. Saturday at the Lincoln Memorial. Over the next 11 hours, we rucked the city from the MLK Memorial and through Roosevelt Island, Georgetown, and Rock Creek Park. Around 11:30 Saturday morning, we finished the challenge at the famous Exorcist stairs in Georgetown. Everyone on the team carried a minimum of 25 pounds through the night while running and hiking through the city. Make sure you congratulate the team on finishing stronger than they started.

Give yourself a hand!

by CFMC April 25, 2013

It’s almost considered a right of passage for a new crossfitter to tear their hands apart on a barbell or pull-up bar. We’ve all been there, and we’ve all either been forced to take the next few days off while we were struggling to even wash our hair, or we taped up our hands like […]

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How do I lift weights?

by CFMC April 23, 2013

Last week, there were several opportunities to work on one rep maxes. It was programmed in; advanced class qualifier lists were handed out to those interested; and Open Gym Sundays were made available to 2x/week members. When you see “find your 1RM” as part of a workout, you probably get excited because this is your chance to […]

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What’s Going On?

by CFMC April 22, 2013

A LOT! Last weekend, Coach Gerard and Mike F competed in the Capital Games and finished 6th. Congrats!!! Next weekend, 4/27, Coach Ryan will be leading a team of 10 through the DC area GoRuck Challenge. Coach Jackson has been training Jimmy V, Beth S, Courtney S, and Mike F to compete in the Mid-Atlantic […]

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Don’t Believe Us? Take it from the Experts

by CFMC April 19, 2013

Despite the gym staff having, literally, decades of experience in the fitness community, we are still learning. We began fitness and training careers in high school or earlier. We have competed as athletes on the regional and national levels, in team and individual events. We have multiple certifications with CrossFit, USAW, ISSA, and others. And […]

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Memorial Day “Murph” for Boston

by CFMC April 17, 2013

Memorial Day “Murph” is a tradition in CrossFit, and like we have had posted for the last couple of days, our members have been invited to CrossFit Rubicon to participate in their annual celebration.  This year, we will not only honor the life of U.S. Navy SEAL, Michael Murphy, but we will also honor all […]

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Memorial “Murph” Day 2013

by CFMC April 15, 2013

Last week, we explained the theory of the Crossfit Hero WODs under Wednesday’s “DT” assignment. This week, we invite you to contemplate doing the 3rd named Hero WOD ever (and arguably most well-known) with your fellow athletes at the gym and in the local crossfit community. “Murph” For time: 1 mile Run 100 Pull-ups 200 […]

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